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Custom Branded Gifts - created especially for you

At Cadeau + Bliss we specialise in custom branded gifts for our clients. Giving you the option to create your own unique custom branded gift from scratch to suit your budget and requirements. We use your logo, colours, fonts and taglines to create unique custom branded gifts for you to gift to your clients, thus leaving a lasting, professional impression, which will show gratitude and will in turn lead to referrals.

Imagine we are an extension of your marketing department. We use Australian made, organic, reusable, eco-friendly and fair trade gifts as much as possible, and are part of the Fair trade alliance.

Custom Branded gifts available are: Gift Boxes, Camphor Boards, Ribbon, Gift Cards, Candles, Skincare, Aprons, Pens, Key finders etc.. min order qty applies.

For more information on custom branded gifts please email

Branded Boards

Branded Camphor Boards

Branded box

Branded gift boxes

Branded key finders

Branded key finders

Branded ribbon

Branded ribbon

Stone Branded Candle

Branded candle

Branded Apron

Branded Apron

Branded USB

Branded Keyring sleeves

Branded Keyring Sleeves

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