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Client Appreciation
“Don’t forget, a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.” H. Jackson Brown Jr, inspirational author.
This is a great quote I found the other day when I was thinking about the importance of feeling valued –particularly under the current circumstances!
One very important area which we should not overlook is to show our clients they are appreciated. It’s a tough time and many businesses are hurting, so we should really value those who continue to support ours.
What’s a thoughtful gift you’ve received recently that made you feel valued? How do you show clients they’re valued?
If you want ideas for thoughtful gifts to show your clients you value them, please comment below, send me a message or an email.
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Client Appreciation
Kindness counts!
I firmly believe that being kind is so important right now. It’s easy to get caught up with our own struggles during a pandemic and forget that others might be having a worse day than us.
💕While we hear stories about kindness in our personal lives, it is important to show kindness in our working lives as well. 
🎁 We’ve had a lot of orders lately for our gift baskets from people wanting to show their staff they’re appreciated, or to show a client they value their custom during these difficult times. These types of orders really warm my heart.
If you need any help or inspiration, please see our website or get in touch with us.

How are you spreading kindness at work?
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Kindness counts
How do you boost staff morale during difficult times?
😔 We know our staff who are working in lockdown are probably feeling a bit down. They can’t work alongside their colleagues, are probably juggling multiple responsibilities in work and home life or simply feeling lonely.
With all this in mind, it might be worthwhile to think about spending some money on gifts or other incentives to boost staff morale. It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. What it does have to be is thoughtful.
🤔 We get a lot of people coming to us asking for ideas for bespoke gifts for their staff, and so we take them through a range of questions, like the age and demographics of their staff and what they like to do. That way, we can provide them with a unique and customised gift that we know their staff will enjoy. Sounds like a great way to boost staff morale to me 😊.
What have you done in the past to boost staff morale?
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Don’t you love that Monday feeling?
While Monday has never been anyone’s favourite day, we’re all feeling more fatigued than usual right now. Just have a look at these stats from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

28% of people feel nervous
26% feel everything is an effort
24% feel restless or fidgety

So, it’s worth thinking about ways to motivate your staff and get their week off to a great start. Why not try sending them a gift to give their morale a boost, like a:
☕ A nice coffee or tea
😋 Some delicious gourmet food
What do you do to help your staff get the week off to a good start?
For more gift ideas, follow us here on LinkedIn or send me a message if you’re in need of help!
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It’s Wellbeing Wednesday!
Are your staff looking after their wellbeing in lockdown?
With so many demands on their time, it’s important for employers to encourage their staff to look after themselves.
Just look at these stats:
🍽️ 1/3 of us are eating worse during lockdown
🤒 20% of us report our physical health is worse than before the pandemic
🛌 5 million of us report having our sleep impacted by stress
Why not introduce Wellbeing Wednesday to encourage your staff give a must-needed boost to their health?
Here are some ideas:
🏃‍♀️Make a designated time for exercise during the working day to encourage them to take a break and get moving!
🥗 Send your staff some nourishing food to fuel their bodies and minds - we can create customised options for you
👋 Organise a virtual staff picnic – you can even send a hamper  for them to enjoy while it’s happening!  
If you need some help or additional, customised ideas, please drop me a comment below or get in touch!
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Wellbeing Wednesday


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