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Cadeau + Bliss is a bespoke gifting company.   We help businesses create long lasting memories for their clients, by providing uniquely customised gifts, using locally sourced products, while supporting small Australian businesses.

We pride ourselves on our ability to strengthen our clients’ relationships with their customers. You have your own identity and personality, and this is top of mind when we are designing and delivering your gifts. 
Create your very own unique client gift from scratch to suit your budget and requirements.  Your logo, colours, fonts and taglines are used to create unique branded gifts for your clients, thus leaving a lasting, professional impression, which will show gratitude and will in turn lead to referrals.
Sourcing only the highest quality products to evoke luxury and bliss. Our collection consists of handmade, organically sourced items from leading artisans and winemakers of Australia.

Cadeau + Bliss is proud to be part of the Fair Trade Alliance. By giving a Cadeau + Bliss gift to a client or someone special, you’re also giving back to local Australian producers and businesses and with our range of gift baskets you are also helping to improve the lives of impoverished communities in Bangladesh, one gift at a time.

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