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Our Top 5 Tips for Corporate Gifting Success

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Whether we’re giving or receiving gifts, it makes us feel good inside. Human beings have been using gifts throughout most of human history, as a way of connecting with one another and reinforcing relationships.

There’s a chemical reason behind it. Whenever we give or receive gifts, the feel-good neurotransmitter called dopamine floods our brains with warm, fuzzy feelings! It also interacts with our memory centres, reinforcing the positive impression and creating a stronger bond between giver and receiver.

If you’re wondering how these feelings translate to business, here’s some data on corporate gifting from a recent study of 300 corporate gift buyers that was published in Forbes.

They reported that overall, corporate gifts substantially positively impacted relationships with their clients. In addition:

  •  80% said corporate gifts have improved relationships with clients
  •  45% reported a substantial benefit in making the client feel valued
  •  43% also reported a substantial benefit in customer loyalty

Significantly, they said it gave them a deeper emotional connection with their clients. And it’s these deeper connections that lead to improved sales, more repeat business, and those all-important referrals.

Nicola Watson, Marketing Manager at Marshall Chan Yahl Real Estate Agency is one of our clients, and a dedicated advocate for thoughtful, corporate gifting. Nicola believes the essence of giving gifts is about building better relationships.  

‘We gift to our clients to show we care, and to establish, maintain and strengthen client relationships,’ says Nicola.

Key finder, soy candle

So, if you want to give your client a gorgeous surprise, and benefit your business, here’s our top 5 tips:

1. Give Gifts that Add Value to your Clients’ Lives

An easy way to understand this is to think about items that people need, use, or consume – that don’t clutter!

Functional items for the home like beautiful bathroom essentials, or stylish kitchen and dining necessities will be loved and used by your clients long after settlement has passed.

When it comes to consumables, indulgent food and drink will help make memories in those first few nights in the new home.

A clever option is to combine them: a stylish picnic basket packed with a camphor cutting board, a silver cheese knife, and delicious wine, chocolate and crackers means something to enjoy immediately as well beautiful, functional items that will be used, and even treasured, for a long time.

There are so many choices and combinations that we can customise, just for you.

2. Focus on Quality

Not all gifts are created equal. A simple internet search or look on Reddit will tell you how people feel about a generic bottle of wine grabbed from a box behind the reception desk!

Move beyond token gestures and give your client a gifting experience they won’t forget - luxury, quality items to show that you value them, that they will want to keep, and that will make them smile whenever they use them.

3. Individualise Each Gift

Nicola from Marshall Chan Yahl Real Estate Agency says when choosing or planning gifts, tailoring the gift to each client is an important part of the process.

‘Gifting something to our clients that we know they will enjoy or appreciate. Every client is different, so building the relationship and understanding what they like, or dislike, is important.’

Some clients might love indulging in food and drink, while others might talk about styling their new bathroom. Matching gifts to your client’s interests will make a memorable impression.

Clients who are focussed on the environment and recycling, or who only buy Australian made will be delighted with gifts that match their values.

In fact, right now, people are choosing Australian-made more than ever before.

One of our best-selling corporate gifts is the New Home Starter Gift Box filled with practical, beautiful, and indulgent items that are refillable, reusable and recyclable.

The dishwash liquid is eco-friendly and biodegradable, and the cellulose sponges made from natural wood pulp and cotton fibres are absorbent and compostable. The aromatherapy infused candle is made from soy wax (an environmentally friendly and renewable resource), and the cotton tea towels will look stylish in any kitchen for years to come.

Getting to know your client can make all the difference.

4. Choose Your Timing

The process of buying, selling, or building a home can be an emotional one, which some clients may find stressful, but carefully selected gifts along the way can keep the relationship strong, right through to settlement, or handover, and beyond.

Nicola says that at Marshall Chan Yahl Real Estate Agency they don’t just gift on settlement.

‘We generally send gifts to our clients at any stage of the sales process – sometimes at the start of the campaign, upon exchange and at settlement,’ she explains. It’s a way to maintain connection and convey their ongoing appreciation.

Research shows that when it comes to gifts, we underestimate how much joy the person receiving the gift will feel.

We also underestimate how much people enjoy receiving a gift that is ‘riskier’ – when the giver takes a chance to gift something bolder than wine or standard chocolates.

So, a programme of beautifully designed small gifts for various stages of the journey will be guaranteed to surprise your client and make them smile, and help the experience feel better all-around.

5.  Wrap it with Love

It’s not just what’s inside the package that counts. Make it a total experience for your client with a beautifully presented gift that shouts WOW!

It’s also where you can add your own unique branding with your logo, brand colours or simply a tag line.

We beautifully wrap, box, and ribbon your gifts to represent your brand and reinforce your business identity -- and ensure a lasting, professional impression.

Custom branded gift package and branded ribbon

A Final Note ♥ 

We started Cadeau + Bliss to help businesses create joy and strengthen relationships through gifting - thoughtful, useful, and beautiful gifts that create a lasting impression. But our vision goes far beyond that.

♥  We work closely with you to understand your business and deliver quality gifts that perfectly reflect your brand and enhance your reputation.

♥  We source the best local products to support other Australian businesses

♥  We bring a sense of calm for you by handling the entire gifting process from beginning to end – so you can relax and enjoy the results.

♥  We aim to build a community filled with optimism, positive intent, and warmth.

Think of us as an extension of your marketing team, ready to design, wrap and deliver the perfect client gift on your behalf. We will work within your budget to create unique and meaningful gifts for your clients.

Whether it’s small thank you gifts, gift boxes, unforgettable gift baskets, or something different each time, our unique gifts will help your business create that lasting impression.


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