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How Australian Made Products can Benefit your Business

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There is definitely something special about buying Australian made products. It certainly makes us feel good that we are supporting local industry and keeping our spending dollars here in our home country.

But although Aussies have always been happy to support Australian business, over the years, we succumbed to hankering after overseas products, most notably China for cheaper goods that were deemed too expensive to buy locally, and Europe for the cachet we have associated with its products and brands.

The good news for Australian businesses is that Aussies are returning to favour home-grown products in droves. We are a loyal bunch in Australia, and it seems this return to a rightful appreciation of what our country has to offer has been boosted by the negative effects of the plethora of catastrophes we’ve sustained over the last few years, including drought, floods, bushfires, and of course, the pandemic. Never ones to see our fellow countryfolk suffer, we have rallied around local businesses in a sterling effort to sustain this wide and diverse range of producers with whom we are blessed.

In a 2020 survey of 50,000 people, more than 9 out of 10 Australian shoppers (93%) said they were more likely to buy locally made products than they had previously – up from 87% in 2019. A Neilsen report in May 2020 confirms that the country’s recent woes may have driven these numbers even higher.

This is supported by Australian research house, Roy Morgan Research, who recently revealed that almost 90% of Australians (from a sample of 15,000 people) would prefer to buy genuine Australian-made products.

Finally, in a recent Omnibus survey by Australia Post, 30% of respondents stated they are actively making an effort to seek out and buy more Australian-made products than they did previously. And going a little deeper, 23% of shoppers said they are consciously aiming to buy from producers in their immediate local area.

Australian made products from Cadeau + Bliss

It’s fair to say the Australian producers should be feeling the love right now, but if you need a little more convincing to buy local, here are 7 great reasons to re-focus your buying habits:

  1. You will support your local economy

Most of us agree it’s a good idea to keep our dollars in the country, but taking a slightly wider view, local businesses, themselves, understand the value of keeping your money circulating in the economy, and in turn, support other local businesses and also charities. With SMEs accounting for 97% of all manufacturing companies in Australia, supporting these guys also helps them provide jobs for local Australians. And guess what? Those Australian workers will also spend money in the local economy.

  1. You know what you’re getting

Australia has stricter regulations that many countries, which means every ingredient must be listed on the label. Of course, this doesn’t inherently imply that those ingredients are safe, but because the disclosure is transparent, you can make an informed choice. And for that very reason, producers tend to be more mindful of what their products do contain and must be disclosed. But many small producers are not content with minimum standards, and strive to use natural, locally grown or sourced, or organic ingredients.

Australian Made Campaign CEO, Ian Harrison shared, ““It comes as no surprise that consumers are increasingly demanding authentic, premium-quality products that originate from our clean, green environment and are made to demanding Australian standards.”

  1. It’s better for the environment

Yes, importing mass-produced goods can mean they are cheaper, but with all the shipping and logistic supply chain requirements involved in the process of transporting goods from A to B, there is most certainly a cost to the environment, which is minimised though local production.

  1. It’s ethical and community building

Sourcing from Australian producers helps to build a vibrant business environment that supports jobs in our villages, towns and cities and makes a positive contribution to each local community. With an abundance of incredible and diverse natural resources around our country, there are more and more, exceptionally creative enterprises popping up all around us. It’s really worth the time to seek them out.

  1. Buying local means better service

It makes sense that Australian business owners will be more responsive to your needs – they are keen to build a strong reputation and will want to resolve any problems quickly and without stress. You can find them easily and they are accessible in your time zone. Plus, if they are local to you, you may build a direct relationship with these business owners and workers, they will remember you, remember your favourite products and strive to delight you with their service.

  1. Quality over quantity

You might find yourself buying less, but ultimately will find your dollars go further by purchasing better quality items that will last you a lot longer. A friend of ours, for example, recently discovered an Australian skin-care company that makes all-natural, organic products. The range is small, but covers all the essentials, and no, it’s not cheap, but certainly no more than the over-price, chemical ridden premium brands you see in most retail stores. As a serial shopaholic, she had built up a significant collection of skin care items, all crammed into the bathroom vanity, but has now thrown the whole lot away and only buys from this one, tiny Aussie company, who has everything she needs.

  1. It sends a positive message

This is one specifically for Australian business owners. Sourcing your own products, materials, consumables, and yes, client gifts locally sends a really positive message to your clients, and the general public. It shows you care about your community, your country and its people. It demonstrates your commitment to building a sustainable local economy, and that you care about the quality and origins of the products you are buying.

Australian made custom gifts from Cadeau + Bliss

So how can using locally sourced gifts enhance your reputation?

With so many more Australians, and Australian companies taking a positive interest in seeking out local products for themselves, imagine how jarring it might feel to receive a gift from an Australian company that is a cheap import. What does it say about this company’s values? They are proudly an Australian business, but they are not prepared to support other Australian businesses?

What about staff gifting? Again, if 90ish% of the population is turning to Aussie made products, they may feel mildly let down when their employer ‘rewards’ them with something ill-considered. Will this make your clients and staff feel valued? That you have put careful thought into their gift? No, it won’t.

Of course, it doesn’t mean your clients are going to ditch you right away in favour of a more conscious operator, or that your employees will be circulating their CVs the very next day. But it does plant a seed of disappointment, that (depending on your general approach to the culture and actions of your business) may well germinate into a loss of faith or mis-alignment with your values. A gradual shift that could ultimately lose you that gem of a client or superstar employee.

Conversely, imagine how a little extra investment in time and money could enhance your reputation for being an upstanding contributor to the local business community and economy, for caring enough about your clients and staff to source high-quality, thoughtfully curated, local products.

Not only that, it provides you with a positive message to communicate in your marketing, establishing your company as mindful and supportive operator.

If this all sounds like hard work, we have a solution. At Cadeau + Bliss, our team is at your disposal to source the perfect gifts that align with your brand values and will delight your clients and/or staff. Think of us as an extension of your marketing team – just set us a task, give us a brief, and we’ll take it from there.

From the very start, we have been passionate about sourcing a large proportion of our gifts locally. Our vision is bigger than simply curating beautiful products – we want to build a beautiful community, filled with optimism, empathy, and good intent.

A collaborative community that gives small businesses and producers a voice and the space to grow and thrive – a community that radiates warmth, attracting people, suppliers, and clients alike.

It’s our aim to transform the world of gifting, creating joy in the thoughtful giving and receiving of bespoke gifts that are both useful and beautiful.

We have built up an amazing community of exceptional local suppliers over the years, with whom we enjoy wonderful, collaborative relationships. Skilfully bringing these local products together for a complete home-grown gifting experience is one of our favourite things to do for our clients.

Australian hand made, customised, camphor cutting boards from Cadeau + Bliss

Here’s an overview of just a few of our Australian made products…

Our beautiful cutting boards are made by a wonderful family business, based on the glorious Sunshine Coast is 100% Australian made, owned, and operated. Their exceptional range of stunning natural camphor cutting boards are milled from a single slab of timber and kiln-dried, using state of the art solar kilns to prevent warping, cracking and mould.

Their unique process means every individually crafted board is naturally and permanently anti-bacterial and will remain in good condition, even after years of extended use.

These cutting boards are a firm favourite in many of our ready-made and custom gifts, which we can personalise with your logo to complement your bespoke gift.

“I have had the pleasure of providing our hamper range and chopping boards to Cadeau + Bliss for a long time now and have found Caroline and her team amazing to deal with.  We have a great working relationship and we both have a great respect for women in business and supporting small business.

Cadeau + Bliss delivers quality hampers with premium products because they know when it comes to hampers and corporate gifts, prestige products is what consumers are wanting.

Not only are they friendly, but they are amazing to deal with and we hope to continue our business relationship for many more years to come.”   Tam.


Logan wines expertly crafted in the NSW Central Ranges at Cadeau + Bliss.

Our delightful wines are sourced from passionate winemaker, Paul Logan. Paul wanted to make wines that he liked to drink – to create wines that excited him, rather than diluting his vision to cater to a demographic. His deviation from the usual winemaker’s script is what makes Logan wines different, and contrary to the establishment methods.

Choosing the then unfamiliar NSW Central Ranges as his base, was the first break from the norm, where he planted Tempranillo, made Pinot Gris when few winemakers did, made Gewürztraminer (which others still don't make), and fermented white grapes on their skins, using large barrel oak and wild yeasts. In another break with tradition, Logan wines also now sell their wine in kegs!

While this is certainly tempting, we’ll have to stick with the bottles for our gifts – or invest in some monster gift boxes – never say never!

Ever the creative, Paul sets his wines apart visually and emotionally by created whimsical labels and stories for each of them.

Logan Wines grace many of our gift boxes and people absolutely love them.


Australian made, hand-poured, customised soy candles at Cadeau + Bliss

As you hopefully will discern from this small selection of C+B suppliers, our product selection is about so much more than the products themselves. Yes, they are all exceptional in their own right, but what’s equally important to us is the story behind each of them. The vision and passion of the local families and communities that create and sustain them, the personalities that infuse the products with positive emotions and love, and the genuine care taken with each and every product and batch.

We love being a part of these communities, and through us, we hope you will too…

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