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The perfect offering for someone who loves to live a clean, healthy life, they say once you have been seduced by chai you never look back. Based on familial recipes and blends tried over the years, our ‘Chai with Nirmal’ tea was created by the founder of Cadeau + Bliss, Nirmal van Hamburg. Containing pure organic elements of herbs and spices such as cardamom, cloves, ginger, spiced pepper and pure vanilla bean, its unique flavour will leave an exquisite and memorable taste on your tongue.

This gift includes:

  • Our Very Own ‘Chai with Nirmal’ 125g Loose Tea
  • Two ‘Snug’ Mugs
  • Cadeau + Bliss 400g Date, Butterscotch and Walnut Pudding (feeds 4)

The gift is sensibly and stylishly packaged in an elegant black gift box.

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