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Milestones should be celebrated, savoured and enjoyed, and as we head into the holiday season we all start thinking about how we can express our gratitude and love to our family, friends, clients and others who have shaped our year.

It can be overwhelming trying to decide on the kinds of gifts you would like to give to those around you - the real purpose of the holidays and the act of giving can get lost in the rush.

Take a moment to consider why we give gifts;

The act of giving can strengthen relationships when the gift shows thought and meaning.

The act of giving can be bigger than the gift itself.

The act of giving can support those less fortunate than ourselves.

At Cadeau + Bliss we think that the most important things to consider when choosing a gift is - Will it make the recipient feel special, appreciated and a part of something bigger than themselves?

We are lucky to live in a place where we are able to enjoy and experience the finer things in life but being able to afford luxury and beautiful experiences is not a luxury that all can afford. What if we could help change the experience of those less fortunate than ourselves through the gifts we choose to buy our clients this Christmas?

To help you plan for your corporate gifts this Christmas we think that by asking ourselves the below questions help to ensure that you find the perfect gift that gives back;

  • Is it unique to the personality and identity of the recipient?
  • Will it make the recipient feel special?
  • Does the gift best represent you and your brand?
  • Will the gift strengthen the bond you have with the recipient?
  • Does it support the local community and/or also those less fortunate?

This Christmas, when your clients receive their beautiful gift from you and Cadeau + Bliss, they will not only enjoy luxurious products that make them feel spoilt and special but they will also be a part of something bigger - supporting mostly local Australian products & businesses. If you select a gift from one of our beautiful range of gift baskets you will also be contributing to the community of Shimulia Village in Bangladesh with funds to improve their lives and living conditions.

Our bespoke corporate gifts come beautifully packaged, some in a fair trade, eco-friendly date leaf basket hand woven by women in Bangladesh. These baskets can be used for years to come in the home as a stylish décor item to store magazines, fruit or even toys. 

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