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How to prepare for a stress free Christmas

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Christmas is a joyous season, at least it's meant to be. In retrospect, it’s not always that way. There’s always the dreaded lead up, the days, weeks or months heading to the holiday season.

The shops are always packed with people who are also trying to get everything done and parking is a nightmare. Gift choices become limited due to the lack of supply. And, sometimes you just settle for whatever you can get your hands on just to get every name on your list crossed off.

Then after all that hassle, you have to wrap your gifts! Talk about a stressful holiday season!

Therefore, it’s rewarding to do what’s necessary to make the festive season as stress-free as possible!  As a gifting company, we’re pretty much experts in this area and we want to share a few must-dos to get you through a stress-free Christmas this year.

Tip #1: Make that List

No, it’s not your naughty or nice list. It’s the list of names (be it family and friends) that you need to buy a gift for. Everyone makes that list so how do you cut down on your shopping time? List the possible gifts you think each person would like. This way, you can either get them in bulk or figure out which store you need to visit to get them collectively.

If you’re ordering online, having a more detailed list of who to give to and what to give will help with the logistics. Ordering from the same site for multiple things will not only save you time but will save you money on shipping fees as well.

List making is not only for gifts. You can also make a list of the meals you intend to prepare for your Christmas dinner and the ingredients you would need to prepare for it.

Tip #2: Determine Your Budget

Once you have your list of names and gifts to buy, set a budget. One of the most stressful things during the holiday season is the credit card bill that comes after Christmas. To avoid getting a large bill, set a budget when it comes to gifts. Stick to your budget as closely as possible, but allow a buffer to keep yourself from stressing over finding a cheaper alternative.

Tip #3: Buy Gifts in Advance

If your list is as long as Santa’s list, we suggest you get cracking on the Christmas shopping well in advance to avoid disappointments. This is especially true when you’re shopping online. Buying in advance will ensure you get the perfect gift and get it in plenty of time for the festive season.  It would be a shame if your children, staff or clients don’t get their gifts on time because of a product or logistic issues.

If you need to make trips to different stores, don’t wait for last minute sales. Stores will be crowded, and if you are after a popular item, get in early to avoid disappointment, that special toy your child was after (along with all their friends) may just be sold out if you leave it too late!  This will add to the stress of gift giving, which should be a fun experience.

 Whether you’re buying for your family, friends, staff or clients, doing your Christmas shopping as early as possible is recommended. There are plenty of businesses who offer discounts for pre-orders and customisation of gifts.

Cadeau + Bliss has a wide range of Christmas gifts (including our very own custom puddings and sauce) that your clients, staff and family would love!  Our gifts are completely customizable, and created including reusable, eco-friendly, fair trade and organic products.

Get ahead of your Christmas shopping, avoid the hassle, shop with us before the 1st of November and get a 10% discount!  Check out our Christmas range here:

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A stress-free Christmas? Let us help you with that!


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