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Client Gift Giving - 3 Reasons why it is important!

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Whether you’re selling a product or service, your clients are human beings. They love being appreciated, thought of and reminded that they are of value. Though your interaction with them is purely business, as a business owner, you can up your emotional connection with them through simple well-thought gift giving. 

Corporate gift-giving has been a trend and tradition in keeping public relations that are beneficial to your business. 

Here are the 3 main reasons why your business should be giving client gifts.


No matter how transactional your relationship with a client is, it’s still a relationship. You need to be memorable as a business to leave a lasting impression. You want to appeal to a potential client, right? How do you make sure you KEEP them as loyal clients? 

The answer is: you build a relationship with them that’s beyond them being just a source of revenue. Instead, you treat them as vital parts of your business existence that need to be nurtured and given attention. 

 After all, your business is only as good as the strength of your clientele. 


Simply ‘thanking’ clients for doing business with you soon gets old. Though they do not expect anything else from you but delivering what they paid for, clients love receiving something extra. You may be thinking client gifts cost money that you could be putting elsewhere. Trust us, this is a great avenue to be putting your money into. 

Client gifting goes beyond the usual “Thank you for doing business with us!” cliché and shows sincere appreciation. Your clients see it as you going the extra mile to extend your appreciation and it will bear fruit in your long term business relationship with them. 

Remember that business is all about connections and the relationships you build with your clients and other businesses. Make your business memorable and top-of-mind. 


 Sending them a gift basket on their birthday or as a congratulatory gesture goes a long way in terms of developing loyalty.  As a client myself, I truly enjoy receiving small gifts from businesses I deal with. It makes me feel important that they took time to remember a special day or are simply thanking me for being a client.  As a result, I feel a sense of loyalty and choose to do business with them. 

That is the sense of loyalty you want to sow in your clients. Make them feel cared for and appreciated and you won’t have to worry about losing clients to your competitors. 

 Client gift giving may be a small gesture and it’s only one of the many ways you can take care of your clients, but it goes a long way when done properly and timely. 

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