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Cadeau + Bliss - a story of feel-good luxury

Cadeau + Bliss was born out of a love of luxury and high-end quality products coupled with a deep desire to do something that would help people living in poverty.

Born in a remote and very poor village in India, Nirmal van Hamburg was lucky enough to emigrate to Australia with her father when she was just eight years old. Her mother stayed behind in India and still lives in the same village to this day.

Offered a life that many in India could only dream of, Nirmal took advantage of all the opportunities her new life in Australia presented. She graduated from university and went on to work in HR for some of the world’s most well-known high-end luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren, Oroton, Marcs and Country Road. Yet even though her life was full of blessings, something was missing.

At home one night, following the birth of her second child, Nirmal came across a documentary about a New Zealand family, the Hiltons, who had backpacked around India, visiting Calcutta on their journey. It wasn’t until night fell on their first night in Calcutta that they realised they were staying in a hostel right in the middle of the red light district. Rather than simply moving on they spoke to some of the girls and women, and realised that they were not there by choice. Many of these women had had been sold by their families due to poverty, sold by their husbands because they could not produce male children, and other terrible circumstances.

On returning home to NZ, Mr Hilton never forgot the women they had met and decided he had to do something to help them. He travelled back to Calcutta and opened a hole-in-the-wall business and offered a small number of women jobs making jute bags for export. Slowly, more and more women joined him.

Nirmal felt compelled to contact Mr Hilton, and asked what could she do to help. He said, "Come up with a way to use these bags in Australia, we'll send them to you and, in turn, we can offer more women a way out of prostitution.”

So she did. That was 2010.

From simply using the bags as a beautiful way to present corporate gifts for her husband’s real estate company, Cadeau + Bliss has grown organically into the successful business it is today.

Cadeau + Bliss now also includes trade baskets that are made in Shimulia village in remote Bangladesh and supports local producers and suppliers by using mostly Australian products where possible.

The products are unique, premium, many are organic and eco-friendly. C+B’s own product range (candles and skincare) is made in Australia and contains all natural ingredients and biodegradable packaging. The chai is Nirmal’s own personal, secret recipe and is grown and packaged on an organic farm in Sri Lanka.

By giving a Cadeau + Bliss gift to a client or someone special, you’re also giving back to local Australian producers and businesses, local artisans and with our range of gift baskets you are also helping to improve the lives of impoverished communities in Bangladesh, one gift at a time.

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