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2019 Gifting Trend

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Gifting is a great part of any industry but there is a certain product category that is said to be at the top of the gifting trend this 2019.

According to the Consumer Technology Association, health and wellness items dominated the consumption in 2019’s CES International Expo (Global stage for innovation).   Although travel gifts are at the very top of the list, health and wellness and home decor are not far behind when it comes to popularity.

Aromatic candles belong to both categories and are said to be the gift industry’s choice of gift in sharing positive affirmation or just simply showing appreciation to a person.

Skincare items are also a growing trend in 2019 - making hand lotions, dishwashing soap with moisturizer, hand or body cream and aromatic hand wash great choices as corporate gifts.

With all the stress that our daily corporate lives come with, lighting a soothing scented candle or lathering up in an aromatic body cream would sound blissful to anyone. So, why not gift your clients and contacts with just that?

Here at Cadeau and Bliss we take pride in the fact that we have created a range of essential oil candles and skincare which are extremely popular, along with great homeware options for you to choose from, we are also looking at travel and tech options too.  Check out our range here:




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